004 Chief Brody vs. Fin Sheppard

July 25, 2016

Steve welcomes back Chris, as the two look at fictional heroes that have had numerous, unlucky run-ins with sharks. Which character will leave a bigger bite mark? Listen to find out!

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003 Mighty Morphing Power Rangers vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

July 18, 2016

Steve welcomes Chris back to the podcast, as the two debate over two of the most popular 90s TV shows. Will the Rangers dine on turtle soup? Or will the Turtles out martial arts the Rangers? Rate, subscribe, and follow on Facebook, iTunes, and now Instagram.


002 Which Game Of Thrones Character Would Win a Season of Survivor?

July 11, 2016

Steve welcomes Chris to the podcast, and the two figure out if Westerosi skills would transfer well to the hit TV show 'Survivor'. Rate, subscribe, and find us on Twitter and Facebook.


001 President Whitmore vs. President Marshall

July 4, 2016
Steve welcomes his good friend Tom as his first guest, and the two debate over whether President Whitmore (Independence Day) or President Marshall (Air Force One) would win.